Reflexology is a popular, non-invasive, holistic health modality.  Our latest featured page describes reflexology schools.  As we note on that page, people who train to be reflexologists learn to apply specialized pressure to the hands and feet.  Most people who experience a reflexology session find it to be very enjoyable.  In particular, as the feet are stroked and pressure applied to particular zones, stress just seems to melt away.

But, reflexology schools teach more than how to give great foot rubs. They teach an approach that many believe improves overall physical functioning.  Practitioners of reflexology believe that the application of reflexology techniques to the feet and hands reduces pain, enhances the immune system, and improves circulation.    Advocates of reflexology go so far as to suggest that it can be a valuable part of programs of treatment for such diverse problems as allergies, depression, and chronic pain.  Certainly, this is a lot more than you would expect from a foot rub.



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